Is evil born or bred? This is the question Bennie Rosato must answer after her twin sister, Alice Connolly, drugs her and leaves for dead, buried underground in a remote field. As Alice slips easily into Bennie’s life, doing her job, interacting with her friends, seducing her boyfriend, she never counts on the fact that Bennie is tougher than she seems. And that, against all odds, Bennie will escape. But escaping is only the first challenge. Alice’s sociopathic lies are so believable that she has everyone convinced that she is Bennie, and Bennie is her deranged twin sister Alice. As Bennie descends further into Alice’s life, she starts to feel the pull of evil herself. As the clock ticks and Alice gets closer to her ultimate goal, Bennie must face the shocking truth that she is perhaps more like Alice than she ever realized.


"With a brilliant mix of the perfect ingredients for gut-wrenching suspense, Lisa Scottoline introduces fans to Bennie Rosato and Alice Connolly in THINK TWICE. Identical twins—only in appearance—these two women couldn't be more different. A focused, consummate professional, Bennie finds herself fighting for her life when Alice decides to impersonate her. Truly evil and extraordinarily creative, Alice easily slips into her sister's world with one goal. Personal gratification at any cost. In expert fashion, Scottoline constructs the anxiety in intense emotional layers; peppering her story with humorous breaks and heartrending moments only to slam readers back into the chilling controversy without warning. Surpassing others in her field, Scottoline'sTHINK TWICE is everything thriller fans crave and more."
– Suspense Magazine

"Readers who enjoy warm, believable characters, a touch of romance with their suspense, and a bit of humor will be delighted with the gang at Rosato's. Scottoline's intricate plot will keep thriller fans turning those pages."
– Library Journal

"A thriller that feels like an instant classic."
– Joe Meyers of the Connecticut Post

"You won't put it down"
– Kirkus Reviews