Running From The Law was Lisa Scottoline’s first hardcover book, and it received a glowing endorsement from Kirkus by earning a starred review. In it, wisecracking, poker-playing, Philadelphia lawyer, Rita Morrone takes on the defense of the Honorable Fiske Hamilton, a prominent federal judge accussed of sexual harassment, who happens to be the father of her live-in lover. But all bets are off when the case turns deadly, and Rita finds herself at the center of a murder.


"Solid gold. Scottoline's hardcover debut is a keeper, with a heroine who's almost as funny as she thinks she is — which puts her miles ahead of most other lawyers you know."
– Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"Rita Morrone has a smart way with words and a shifty code of ethics, attributes that give this Philadelphia trial lawyer a jump on the legal competition."
–The New York Times Book Review

"Scottoline's writing style is sharp, intelligent, funny, and hip... [She] gives fans of legal thrillers a good, twisty plot, lively characters, and an all-around fun read. Scottoline draws on her own experience as a former corporate lawyer and federal court clerk, giving a feel of authenticity to the courtroom scenes and accurate descriptions of law firm politics. Her characters are blessed with the believable personalities, carrying qualities both likable and not."
–USA Today

"[A] fast-paced and witty crime thriller [that] features a smart-mouthed, poker-playing attorney....Scottoline has produced a royal flush."
– San Francisco Examiner