Mary DiNunzio has become a big-time business-getter at Rosato & Associates. But the last person she expects to walk into her office one morning—in mile-high stilettos—is super-sexy Trish Gambone, her high-school rival. Back when Mary was becoming the straight-A president of the Latin Club and Most Likely to Achieve Sainthood, Trish was the head Mean Girl, who flunked religion and excelled at smoking in the bathroom.
These days, however, Trish needs help. She is terrified of her live-in boyfriend, an abusive, gun-toting drug dealer for the South Philly mob. Mary remembers the guy from high school, too. She had a major crush on him.
Then Trish vanishes, a dead body turns up in an alley, and Mary is plunged into a nightmare that threatens her job, her family, and even her life. She goes on a one-woman crusade to unmask the killer, and on the way finds new love in a very unexpected place.


"Scottoline's latest is a thoroughly enjoyable read with warm, wonderful characters, gentle humor, and some unexpected twists and turns. Highly recommended."
– Library Journal

"Scottoline doesn't stint on suspense and excitement, but she once again makes us care as much about her people as we do about the solution to the mystery."
– The Conneticut Post

"A perfect, cozy, three-night read for a chilly winter weekend. Grade: A."
– Philadelphia Magazine