Lisa’s books draw on her experience as a trial lawyer and Everywhere That Mary Went is the first — and best — example. The novel is the story of an associate in a prestigious Philadelphia law firm much like the one Lisa practiced in. Everywhere That Mary Went was nominated by the Mystery Writers of America for an Edgar Award, the equivalent of an Academy Award in the suspense business. In Everywhere That Mary Went Mary DiNunzio has been slaving away for the past eight years trying to make partner in her cutthroat Philadelphia law firm. She’s too busy to worry about the crank phone calls that she’s been getting — until they fall into a sinister pattern. The phone rings as soon as she gets to work, then as soon as she gets home. Mary can’t shake the sensation that someone is watching her, following her every move. The shadowboxing turns deadly when her worst fears are realized, and she has to fight for something a lot more important than partnership — her life.


"Scottoline...knows the simple yet magical secret at the heart of compelling suspense fiction."
– The Philadelphia Inquirer

"A gripping novel embracing a wide range of characters and human emotions. Humor is one of the novel's strongest elements...A pleasant surprise as the heroine is confronted with a situation of primal terror."
– The Philadelphia Daily News

"What fun! Lisa Scottoline brings something new to the lawyer-mystery — a brilliant sense of humor. Grabs you with its intelligence, wit and energy and doesn't let go."
– Susan Isaacs