Running From the Law: Questions for Book Clubs

  1. Running From the Law was Lisa’s first hardcover book. Do you prefer to read hardcovers or would you rather wait for the paperback? Is the print in the paperbacks too hard to read? Do you keep or pass on your books? Would you give away a hardcover?
  2. Lisa incorporated poker in her novel long before it became a new national pasttime. Are you as interested in poker as Rita Morrone? Why does she like it? What does it tell about her? Why are more women beginning to play? Are you worried about the new popularity of poker, especially among teens?
  3. Did you think Rita’s stunt in the courtroom verged on dishonesty, or was it just good lawyering? Is all fair in love and lawsuits?
  4. Rita defends a judge against a sexual harrassment suit. Are these types of lawsuits out of control or are they important for protecting those who are being mistreated? Do you think people abuse the sexual harrassment laws, thus making it more difficult for those with legitimate complaints?
  5. Was Rita obligated to defend her boyfriend’s father? Is it smart to defend a close relation? Do you think a client will be as honest with a lawyer with whom there is a personal relationship? Does it put the lawyer in a compromising position?
  6. Rita attends a funeral of a child killed by gang violence. Gang violence isn’t funny. Consider this: Lisa went to an actual funeral of a child caught in gang crossfire, to write this chapter. She had her pick. That summer there was one funeral every weekend. Is enough being done to control gangs. Is better education the answer? Can the promotion of reading help keep kids off the street?
  7. What did you think of the gang of elderly poker players? Did they ring true? Were they important to the story? What do you think Rita got from their relationship? What did the old men get from the relationship? Does Rita really just need a good girlfriend?
  8. Do you agree with who Rita married? Was it clear at the end who she chose? What do you think made Tobin so attractive to Rita?
  9. Would you like to read more about Rita? What about her poker buddies? Is Rita the kind of person you would like to be friends with? Why or why not?