Mistaken Identity: Questions for Book Clubs

  1. Read the Acknowledgements. How weird is it that Lisa didn’t know she had a half-sister? How often does this happen and not make it to Montel? Did it happen to anyone you know? And if something like that happened to you, would you put it in a book for the whole entire world to read about? Where do authors get their ideas and why don’t they come up with better ones?
  2. When is a good story an invasion of privacy?
  3. Would you defend your twin on a murder charge? Should Bennie? Do you understand why she does?
  4. Is Grady hot enough for you? Is it weird that he’s younger than Bennie?
  5. What is justice? Is it justice if Alice goes free, or not?
  6. This book is told in the third person, unlike Legal Tender which has a single point of view. Like it better or worse? Why did Lisa make this decision? Anything about the story, or was she just in the mood? You know how silly she can be.
  7. This boxing thing is a big part of the book. Do we like it? Why is it here? Does it inform character? How did Lisa do with her boxing lessons? Is it okay to say “sucks at boxing” in a book club?
  8. Do we like Lou?
  9. Why does Lisa put us through a parent’s death? Is she just a big meanie?
  10. What did we think of the courtroom scenes? Agree with the verdict?
  11. Where did Alice go? Is she dead or will she come back? Hint: Heh heh.