Everywhere That Mary Went: Questions for Book Clubs

  1. Everywhere That Mary Went is Lisa’s very first book and it was nominated for an Edgar Award. It didn’t win (but she did win for her second book, Final Appeal) but People Magazine called Lisa the “Female John Grisham.” Do you agree or disagree? What makes you pick up a book? Cover? Endorsements from other writers? Reviews? The description on the book?
  2. Lisa believes you should write what you know, so Mary is a lot like her. In fact, Lisa and Mary both get red splotches on their necks when they are nervous. What else do we know about Mary? What kind of person is she? Is her character believable? How strong is her faith and how has that influenced her as a person and as a lawyer?
  3. Mary’s family is the true center of her life. Is this a good thing? Can you be too close to your family? Do you like Mary’s parents and do they remind you of people you know? How do you think Mary has been affected by her twin sister joining the convent?
  4. Mary and Judy are best of friends, despite how different they are. This friendship seems unshakable, but is it really? What kind of things must you agree on in order to have a solid friendship? Should you share everything with a best friend, or is it best to keep some things to yourself?
  5. Justice is a common theme that runs through all of Lisa’s books. Is the law always just? How does Mary’s conscience play into her sense of justice? Does justice matter? Is there justice in this book?
  6. Mary has suffered the loss of her husband at a very young age. How do you think grief has influenced her life? Do you think grief can help build character or destroy it? How long should someone grieve before they begin dating again? Are true friends measured by their availability during the grieving process, or is it understandable if people have difficulty dealing with death?
  7. Do you like Ned? Do you like Mary with Ned? How smart is an office romance? Is Mary really ready to date? Will she ever be able to move on from Mike? Should she?
  8. Lisa thinks she made a huge, rookie-type mistake in this book. This is in addition to Too Much Cursing, which she has eliminated in her later books. What do you think it is? Email Lisa and take a guess at what she thinks was a mistake.