Dirty Blonde: Questions for Book Clubs

  1. Okay, let’s get the important stuff up front. My hair is only fictionally blonde. Under all these chemicals, I am a dirty blonde. Do you think there are any real blondes over the age of 30? Do blondes really have more fun, or is that a function of advertisers getting us to by home-dye kits? (Like “Nice & Easy,” which I used for years in my starving-writer days. My hair looked great. In the front.)
  2. Now more serious. Do you like Cate as a character, despite her flaws? What are her flaws, as you see them? Was she really even doing anything wrong, or was it just a case of poor judgment? And let’s talk about sexism. Do you think that a man would have been as harshly punished for the same actions? Do you think she deserved what she got?
  3. Should judges, in general, be held to higher standards? Do you think a judge’s personal life and personal beliefs influence the way he or she rules from the bench, or do you trust that they will stick to the law? Is there a difference between federal and state judges in this regard, assuming that federal judges get lifetime appointments, but most state judges do not? Do you think judges should be elected rather than appointed? Are you really informed about the judges in your state? How many judges can you name on your state supreme court? On the United States Supreme Court?
  4. Moving onto justice and fiction, do you think Cate’s life was fair game for a TV show? Do you like the law shows that are “ripped form the headlines?” Why? Does TV cross the line when divulging the personal lives of public figures? Would you want to be famous and have the 24-hour scrutiny of the media? And isn’t Al Pacino just great? Also Tom Cruise? Who would you rather have join your book club?
  5. Do you think the ruling in the Marz case was just? Do you understand why Cate didn’t let the case go to the jury? Do you agree? Is justice always served by the law? Do you believe that Simone stole Marz’s idea, or was Marz just looking to make a quick buck? Do you think that Marz was crazy for quitting his job to follow his dream? Are you better off risking what you have to follow your dream, so win or lose, you at least tried? Or are you better off not taking the risk and giving up your dream, no matter what the greeting cards say?
  6. Do you know anyone with an autistic child? Why do you think there are so many more cases of autism? Do you think parents of children with special needs get the support they need? Do you think they have it tougher than parents of “normal” children?
  7. Have you ever heard of Centralia, PA? Can you even believe that a fire has been burning underground for 60 years? Why do you think the government hasn’t stepped in to contain this fire? Do you think the government worries more about the money than the health of the people?
  8. Were your surprised by the ending? Was justice served? Hot or cold?