Devil’s Corner: Questions for Book Clubs

  1. Did you like Vicki, and are you happy or disappointed that the book features a new character instead of the regular girls at Rosato & Associates?
  2. Did anyone understand about the straw purchase? Did I do a lousy job making it clear enough? In case I did not make it clear, a straw purchase is when someone buys guns for the sole purpose of reselling them for drugs or cash.
  3. Do you think that drugs are a major factor in the decline of American cities? Do you think that we are doing enough to control drugs? Are we doing enough drug education, and does it work?
  4. How strong do you think is the correlation between drugs and crime? Do you believe in legalizing drugs? Do you think it would have a negative or positive impact on the crime rate?
  5. Is it fair to sacrifice a few innocent people to stop many crimes with projects such as Clean Sweep? Do we owe restitution to those who are unjustly accused?
  6. Did you like the girlfriend connection between Rehemma and Vicki? Do you think that two people from very different backgrounds can find a commonality for a lasting friendship?
  7. Do you think Dan and Vicki make a good couple? Do you think that people who work together should date? Do you think that Vicki crossed the line with Dan while he was married, even though they never had sexual contact prior to his wife leaving?
  8. Do you think that Vicki has finally earned her father’s respect? Why, even as adults, do we strive for our parents’ approval? Do you think that Vicki owed it to her father to join his law firm, or did she owe it to herself to follow her own path?
  9. Do you think that one or two people can make a difference and actually change a neighborhood around like Vicki and Rehemma? Do you think that there will ever again be a day when we can just send our children out to play, even in the wealthiest neighborhoods, the same carefree way our parents could?
  10. Were you surprised by the ending?