Dead Ringer: Questions for Book Clubs

  1. Coming up with good titles is very hard for Lisa, but she thought that Dead Ringer was the perfect title for a book about twins. However, after the book was done, she found out her kid and her kid’s friends had never heard that expression. Did you understand the phrase? Can you think of a title that would have been better?
  2. In Dead Ringer, Alice does some really terrible things to Bennie to try to destroy her. In the process she even tries to hurt Bennie’s dog, Bear. Is someone who would hurt a dog unredeemable? Does Alice deserve a second chance? Does everyone deserve a second chance?
  3. Is Alice a sympathetic character? Do you feel sorry for Alice because she was the twin who was given away? Does this make Alice’s actions any more forgivable? Do you think Bennie’s mother made the right decision in giving away one twin?
  4. In Dead Ringer, David comes to Bennie and Bear’s rescue. Have you ever had a total stranger come to your rescue, just because they were a good person, and not because they were looking for something in return? Would you be able to willingly accept this kind of help, or would you be reluctant and suspicious?
  5. Alice is driven by both competitiveness and jealousy, which has led her to do some harmful, even horrific things. Some envy between siblings is normal, but where does it cross the line? Is it usually the parents’ fault when siblings are so envious of one another? Is there something parents can do to promote greater harmony between siblings?
  6. Bennie takes a huge risk by putting her house up as collateral to save her business. Was this a smart move? Would you have been able to take that kind of risk? Do you think she would have made a different decision if she had children? Do you think that you have to take risks in order to be successful?
  7. Bennie does forgive Alice, despite everything she had done. Is this because Bennie is just a good, forgiving person, or do you think she is partially motivated by the guilt of being the chosen twin? Could you forgive Alice? Do you think she can really change? Do we let family get away with things that we would never put up with from others, or are we harder on them?
  8. Would you like to read about Alice again?