Daddy’s Girl: Questions for Book Clubs

  1. What was your reaction to the title of Daddy’s Girl. Did it make you feel warm and fuzzy, or did it have a bad connotation for you? Do you think people’s reaction to the title is influenced by their family dynamics or personal relationships with their fathers?
  2. Nat had a very close relationship with her family. Maybe too close for Nat. Do you think that Nat appreciated what she had? Was she being smothered by her family, or just loved a whole lot? Do you think anyone in her family really appreciated her, or the woman she had become? Is it natural in a family full of boys to overprotect yet disregard the only sister? Do we all take for granted our own family?
  3. Do you think Hank was truly in love with Nat, or the idea of being part of the Greco family? Can two people be in love, and yet, just not be right together? Do you think this was the case for Nat and Hank? Do you think Nat took the easy way out by dating Hank, who came already Daddy approved?
  4. Did you like Nat’s mother? Did you feel she was supportive enough of Nat? By marrying Hank, would Nat have been creating the same kind of life as her mother? Would that be a bad thing? Do you think Nat and her mother’s expectations are so different due to their individual personalities, or is it evidence of a generational gap?
  5. Nat faced a lot in this book and had to rely on her own instincts to survive. Is it just that she grew up, or did she find an inner strength that was being stifled by a family that took care of everything for her? Do you think parents should help their children with whatever they need, or should parents back off and let their kids learn the hard way? Where do you draw the line, and how do you know when it is time to step in or walk away?
  6. Nat had a real passion for her job, which ultimately helped save her. However, in the beginning of the book, her passion for her class, The History of Justice, was not translating into success as a teacher, and in fact, could have hurt her chances at tenure. How important is it to love what you do for a living? How much would you be willing to risk to have the job of your dreams? Does everyone even actually know what their dream job would be? Are you cheating yourself by taking a job just for the sake of bringing in a paycheck, or are you just living in the real world?
  7. Besides entertaining with her books, Lisa enjoys writing about things that interest her, and providing, perhaps, a little education as well. Do you enjoy this aspect of her books. Did you learn anything? Do you like the way it tied into the story. Did you find yourself wanting to read more about the topic?
  8. Did you like the end of the book? Were you surprised? Do you feel cheated by a book if you are not surprised? Did you agree with all of Nat’s decisions? What would you plan next for Nat? Would you like to read more about her?