Courting Trouble: Questions for Book Clubs

  1. Anne Murphy is the newest addition to the all-female law firm of Rosato & Associates? How do you think she fits in? Would you like to work with all women? Would you like to have a woman boss? What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages?
  2. Anne is young and drop dead gorgeous, even though she doesn’t see herself as beautiful. Is it possible to be that pretty and not really see it? How do Anne’s looks work in her favor? Do beautiful people have it easier?
  3. Mary and Judy are not particularly nice to Anne? Why? Do they even give Anne a chance? Does Anne give them a chance? Is this an example of the usual getting-to-know-one-another when a new person starts at a firm or is something else going on?
  4. Anne can have almost any man she wants. Does this make her truly happy? Do you think that Anne can ever have a friendship with a girlfriend as close as that between Judy and Mary’s? Can it be with Judy and Mary? Is three a crowd?
  5. In the book, Kevin suffers from erotomania. Do you buy into it, or is it just a fancy name for women-obsessed men? Do you believe that someone with this disorder can become violent enough to kill? How would you compare this to stalking? What do you think would work against a stalker?
  6. What do you think of Anne’s playing dead? How do you feel about her letting the Rosato girls think she is dead? What reaction do Mary and Judy have to Anne’s “death”? Do you think that Anne, Mary and Judy would have eventually formed a friendship without this experience?
  7. Do you think Anne will be able to trust a man again and if so, why? How can she protect herself better in the future? What kinds of things should women and men watch out for when deciding who to date?
  8. Were you surprised by the ending? Who else did you think it might be? Should Anne give her mother another chance? Will it help give Anne a sense of family and of belonging? How important is it to feel like you belong?