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Lisa and Francesca's 10th Annual Big Book Club Party!


Lisa's voice and personality are definitely reproduced in the characters she creates, and her great sense of humor is equally as evident. Once you have read Lisa, you almost feel as if you know her, or at least you get a good idea of what she is like. Now, through the infinite wisdom of the geniuses at barnesandnoble.com, and the ever-so-talented radio queen Diana Jordan, you can hear directly from Lisa, in her own words and in her own voice. Just click here to hear Lisa speak about books, career, and life in general.

Furthermore, you can click here to hear Lisa and Francesca talk about life, family, writing and their new book MY NEST ISN'T EMPTY, IT JUST HAS MORE CLOSET SPACE with David English on David's Book Talk.

Take An Audio Book Along For The Ride

Audio books have become more and more popular as everyone's lives have become busier, and Lisa is a big fan of them. If you love to read, but just don't have the time, an audio book is a terrific way to take care of business, while simultaneously being entertained. Audio books can turn even the most tedious of tasks, such as commuting to work, cleaning the house, or waiting in the doctor's office, into pleasurable experiences. They make great gifts for the elderly, sick or frequent travelers. Of course, they are also the perfect way to read on the beach without ruining a good tan!

All of Lisa's books are now available on audio, and come in different shapes and sizes. They are available on regular audiotape or CD, as well as in a downloadable audiobook, and come in both abridged and unabridged versions. Lisa is very fortunate to have some of the best narrators in the industry, who have a knack for bringing Lisa's characters to life. Please visit her Buying Books page for more information.

Listen To Excerpts From Lisa's Books

If you would like to listen to a sample of Lisa's audio books, just click on the book covers below.

Audio Covers Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen

In Lisa's Own Words

Here are some great videos of Lisa's Annual Book Club Party, as well as her words to book clubs about two of her novels, THINK TWICE and LOOK AGAIN. You'll also find videos about the inspiration for her work, and Lisa's videos about the creative process, the writing life, plot, characterization, viewpoint, and how to get published — it's Writing 101, for fun!

DADDY'S GIRL Commercial

Lisa loves TV and even has Dr. Phil, Oprah or Court TV on in the background as she writes and exercises. So it was with no small amount of excitement that Lisa got to be on TV herself, promoting DADDY'S GIRL. Click here to see the DADDY'S GIRL commercial.

Lisa brings fun to everything she does, and she thought you might like to see what went on behind the scenes with a reel of outtakes from the commercial. So click here to see the outtakes!


The DIRTY BLONDE commercial was shot in a beautiful historic house in Orangeburg, NY, which is used solely for commercial shoots. The house had tons of charm, and even a few sliding walls to ensure the perfect camera shot. There were crew members everywhere (you'd be amazed at how many people it takes to shoot a 15 second commercial) but Lisa pulled it off like a pro, and kept the group laughing.

Check out the DIRTY BLONDE commercial by clicking here. And here's a reel of outtakes from the DIRTY BLONDE commercial


To stay true to her books, this TV commercial was actually shot in Lisa's beloved Philadelphia, and while the big lights helped illuminate the dark night, there wasn't much that could be done about the chill in the air. With an incredibly hard-working crew and even an on-site trailer, Lisa felt like a star. Of course, the 15 second commercial takes hours and hours to shoot, but Lisa did her best to keep the group laughing. And, no trip to Philly would be complete without a Philly cheese steak!

If you would like to see the commercial shot for DEVIL'S CORNER, just click here. And, don't forget to check out the hilarious reel of outtakes and bloopers!

As Promised...PUPPIES!

Those of you following Lisa on Facebook know that Peach, her Blehneim King Charles Cavalier, has given birth to three unspeakably cute puppies. She has been posting daily videos of the pups' progress, which you can catch up on here, or click below to view the first few videos!

Day 29. Some of us work on Saturdays, and some of us don't.

Day 28. Puppies got skills.

Day 27. Boy puppy v. girl puppy. You decide. The girl has better shoes.

Day 26. Genius puppy waves hello. Delighted author lapses into babytalk.

Day 24. Puppies turn ferocious.

First Puppy Video, Day 23. Perfect for a sleepy Sunday morning.

Lisa on Today


Lisa on the Today Show

Lisa has visited the Today Show three times this year. At left are some photos from her most recent visits.

Last December, Lisa visited Hoda Kotb and Kathy Lee Gifford again to talk about writing, life and Spanx. Take a look at the video below!

You can also check out Lisa on TV along with Daughter Francesca, with recent appearances at WCAU-TV's 10! Show!


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