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Lisa loves to hear from you, her readers, and what she has learned from the emails, besides the fact that her name is really hard for people to pronounce, is that you want to know more. You are not just satisfied to read the book and move on. You want to connect with Lisa and you want to be informed readers. Nothing makes Lisa happier. 

Lisa regularly produces a newsletter (read twice a year, if lucky), which contains info about her newest books, tour schedules, special promotions (some which are only available to newsletter subscribers,) and her off-the-cuff essays. She does not want to clog your inbox, or mailbox, so she won't be sending out the newsletter too frequently, just when she feels she has news you will want to hear.

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Lisa knows how to keep information confidential. She is a lawyer, after all. You can be assured that any mailing information you provide, whether for email or regular mail, will never be given out or sold, and will only be used as described here. And, if at any point you wish to be removed from the mailing list, there will be easy instructions at the bottom of each email, or just write Lisa by clicking here.


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